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Book Review: Books Read in April


I hope your Easter was filled with love, chocolates and many books on this long weekend. I know it was for me. I decided that I was not going to do ANY work (study, catching up on work, etc). Instead I relaxed, went for a walk each day and demolished books and may have over indulged on chocolate … the sight of it makes me ill!

But cutest thing – my 3 year old niece believes Easter is about magical chickens. We organised an egg hunt for her and she squealed around the backyard excited that the said chickens had found her. I don’t think she quite understands how the Easter bunny fits in. But I like the idea of magical chickens!

Because of my long absence from posting, I am going to do just a brief review of books I’ve read to make me up to date.

Last time I left off at March with Beautiful Chaos, so here are the books that I have read for March (and my quick thoughts):



The Silent Stars Go By written by Dan Abnett

Another Doctor Who book – but I really enjoyed this one. The plot was fantastic and a bit sinister compared to other Doctor Who novels. The characters were likeable and when I finished, I just wanted to know what happened next and disappointed it wasn’t a series (as in the same storyline and not just a Doctor Who book).

Rating: 4 stars


The Girl with a Clock for a Heart written by Peter Swanson

I found this book lacking and was a little disappointed in it. Again, there was a lot of hype about this book and I was excited to sink into a juicy crime book. The main characters were so-so and just found it a love serial about betrayal and unfounded loyalty with a sprinkling of dead bodies and criminals to spice it up.

Rating: 2 and a half stars


Hollow City written by Ransom Riggs

I loved the first novel in this series mainly because I was so drawn in with the photos – they were mesmerising and spectacular. In Hollow City I really felt that I was reading a kid’s novel (which I acknowledge that I was), and without the creepy photos I had lost the thread that drew me in. I felt like maybe they fantastic one’s had been all used up in the first novel to hook people in. Despite that, I think it is a lovely story for children about adventure, friendship, loyalty, being courageous and making the tough decisions.

Rating: 3 stars


Watching You written by Michael Robotham

My first ever time reading Mr Robotham and I absolutely loved it. I couldn’t wait to charge through this book to solve the mystery. It was creepy, intriguing and we all love a psychological twist. The storyline kept me guessing (I’m one of those people who always have to try and guess the ending), and you are left wondering how innocent Marnie really is.

Rating: 4 stars


I have read five books so far for April, but since I am still reading and we are still in April – I will leave that list for another post (just to have a complete month for a post).

Again, Happy Easter and I hope those calorie monsters have been kind with the amount of chocolate consumed (I feel a bombardment of weight loss advertising coming on soon!)